Small town Guthrie hosts drag show

Tilly Screams performs in Guthrie. Photo provided.

Tucked away in charming downtown Guthrie, Oklahoma is a local watering hole known by locals as The Jungle. This bar is owned and operated by Von Coburn and Teresa Wood and has been in business for three years.

Last weekend, The Jungle hosted Guthrie’s first ever drag show, “A Night of Illusion”. This comes on the tail of backlash in the small town of Portland, Tennessee, where a new proposed ordinance would prohibit drag shows.

The potential negative response by small town locals has not stopped Coburn from organizing and featuring the recent show. Her response to the potential of this historic event adversely affecting her business is blunt and straight to the point.

“I don’t give a darn! We serve everybody. I have god-children that are gay, I have gay family members, gay people are everywhere and they are all welcome here.”

Tickets to the show sold out in eight days.

The Jungle was packed to the brim with those eager to see the performances of Robin Banks, Morgaine Nichole, Nicole Hills and Tilly Screams. The show did not disappoint. Many of those in attendance were locals in the community who have never experienced anything like this.

“I’m glad they came out,” said Bettye Black, 68, who was among the crowd. “I don’t see anyone as different. I love this town, I wanted this to speak to me, and it did.”

Her sentiment seemed to be the theme for the night. The performers were well received, and there is already talk of future shows in Guthrie. Coburn says she is eager to host another drag show, and hopes to utilize a larger venue so more people can experience this.

Coburn and The Jungle are openly a very loving and giving duo. The Jungle consistently hosts fundraisers for local charities in need of a cash infusion. They host four pub crawls a year benefiting Gods Food Bank, The Pollard Theatre and Red Dirt Boxer Rescue, among others. They also host a free dinner buffet on Saturday nights.

“I remember when I was a newlywed, and we couldn’t afford dinner and drinks. This way, anyone can come enjoy dinner for free, and still enjoy a boutique wine,” says Coburn.

The Jungle’s progressive and accepting environment is here to stay. The general feeling was that the event was wonderful thing for the small former capital of Oklahoma.

Guthrie is a short drive from Oklahoma City, and a visit to The Jungle is worth the trek. Von Coburn will be there to welcome all, with open arms.

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