SNL's hilarious parody of religious liberty

From the studio that brought you Angel in Denim: The Kim Davis Story

by Austin Stallings
Journalism Intern

The religious liberty bill debacle may seem to have quieted down in the midst of HB2 and the announcement of Target’s inclusive bathroom policy.

However, Saturday Night Live had an epic response to the religious liberty bills in a parody film trailer that resembled some of the lower budget evangelical films that have been released in recent years, such as Fireproof, Courageous and God’s Not Dead.

The parody film entitled God Is a Boob Man details the story of Beth, a small town baker, faced with the dreaded assignment of baking a cake for a gay wedding. As the trailer says “They wanted her to spit in the face of God.”

When she refuses to make the cake the couple exclaims “You’ll be hearing from our Jewish lawyer!” A trial ensues, and the best part is that couple doesn’t seek any type of settlement. Instead, they want poor Beth to say three words: “God….is…”

The SNL skit has received a lot of attention for its scathing sarcastic look at the idea of religious liberty, and the belief of the religious right that Christians are an oppressed minority in the progressive political landscape of 2016.

The video has almost 4 million views on youtube.

The Gayly – 4/27/16 @ 2:15 p.m CDT