Star Trek Discovery finale receives praise from LGBT+ fans

Star Trek: Discovery official tweet. Twitter photo.

The midseason finale of the first half of Star Trek: Discovery was filled with a lot of action, some intriguing character beats, a couple of “huh?!” moments and of course, a cliffhanger.

"The first half of Discovery Season 1 ends on a solid note, even if Into the Forest I Go doesn’t quite rise to the level of some previous episodes. Still, it’s an exciting episode with lots of action and some nice character touches, plus an intriguing set-up for the back half of the season. The actual cliffhanger in the final moments of the episode are a bit lackluster, but certainly we can imagine that Discovery is going to continue to thrill from here," writes a Discovery fan. 

Cliffhanger aside, the intimate kiss between between Lt. Stamets and his boyfriend, Dr. Culber. caught Twitter's attention.

Twitter photo.

Twitter photo.


The kiss was posted to the official Star Trek: Discovery twitter account with the caption "Love unites us." 

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