Suspect in July 12 arson at Phoenix youth center arrested

Footage taken from security cameras of the crime. (Photo via abc15)

PHOENIX (AP) — Authorities say a suspect in an arson that damaged a Phoenix LGBT youth center has been arrested.

Phoenix police say 26-year-old Darren Beach Jr. was booked into jail Friday afternoon on suspicion of arson of an occupied structure.

It's unclear if Beach has a lawyer yet.

The Phoenix Fire Department on Wednesday released video showing a man pouring liquid on the floor of the one.n.ten center on July 12 and then stepping outside just before a room goes up in flames.

Youth center officials say Beach was a participant in their program, but aged out of eligibility when he turned 25.

The one.n.ten center serves lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender youth ages 14 to 24.

It lost electronic equipment, food, camping equipment and other items in the fire.

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