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Old copies of Gayly found "in the closet"

Pictured here is former YGLA Male Co-Chair and avid GO! reader Chris Munoz with his collection of GO! (Gayly Oklahoman) newspapers. Photo by Robin Dorner.
A former member of the Young Gay and Lesbian Group in OKC (YGLA) found a treasure he had held on to for years. Chris Munoz of Oklahoma City had held on to old copies of the Gayly Oklahoman (GO!) newspaper and just “couldn’t throw them away” when he recently made plans to move.“I just kept picking up copies of the GO! back then and saved them in case I needed them,” said Chris Munoz.” After a while it became a stack and soon it seemed to have value.”Munoz said he was so proud of his involvement in the YGLA and the people he met there so he held on to the papers all these years for sentimental value.“I have held on to these papers for years. I’m moving so I was cleaning out these closets and I ran across these copies for about the 50th time and I just could not bear the thought of throwing them away.”So what’s a young person to do to find a home for an item like this? Munoz went to the most popular social media site: Facebook, and made a post, tagging Jim Roth, Guy Peters, James Craig and two of the OKC Pride groups. Fortunately, OKC Pride VP Josh Sauer saw the post and tagged the Gayly editor and the rest is history – the papers have found a new home.These old school “Gayly Oklahoman” or GO! newspapers range in dates from 2/1/2003 to 10/15/2004. It’s not every single issue for the time period, but all the other archives are lost. The Gayly is very grateful to have these issues and to have reconnected with an old friend.“I’m very excited about turning the papers over to the Gayly,” concludes Munoz.