TED Talk discusses LGBT+ life for those around the world

If you have time to spare this Labor Day, take a break and check out this video.

It features a lesbian couple, Jenni Chang and Lisa Dazols, who both decided to explore what life is like for LGBT+ individuals outside of their home town (San Francisco).

More specifically, their goal in traveling the world was to find LGBT+ people doing extraordinary things for their fellow LGBT+ communities. Therefore, they set out across 15 countries to accomplish this goal.

"Traveling throughout Asia, I tended to freak out women in public restrooms," said Dazols, a cisgender female with androgynous style. "They weren't used to seeing someone like me. I had to come up with a strategy so I could just pee in peace."

Dazols used this example as a way to communicate that in many communities around the world, people aren't used to seeing diverse representations of those with differing sexualities and genders. 

Nevertheless, with couples like this one, the world is growing more educated and tolerant by the minute.

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