Texas Legislature begins hustling to revive 'bathroom bill'

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott called a special session of the Texas legislature to pass an anti-trans "bathroom bill" among others. AP Photo, Evan Vucci, File.

Austin, Texas (AP) — The Texas Legislature has opened its special session with Republicans vowing to pass a transgender "bathroom bill" and other conservative priorities in record time and outnumbered Democrats trying to stall.

Things in the state House stayed orderly Tuesday. That was a departure from the last day of the regular session in May, when tensions over a new anti-"sanctuary cities" law provoked a near fight between lawmakers on the chamber floor.

The Senate, meanwhile, suspended decades-old rules to let it move fast. Gov. Greg Abbot wants a "bathroom bill" and 19 other priorities passed, an ambitious slate for a 30-day extra session.

Immigrant rights groups plan to increase protests of the new law that allows police to inquire about peoples' immigration status, while LGBT activists bitterly oppose "bathroom bill" proposals.

By Paul J. Weber and Will Weissert, Associated Press.  Copyright 2017 Associated Press. All rights reserved.

The Gayly – July 18, 2017 @ 1 p.m.