Ties lie between hate speech and LGBT+ gun suicides

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Currently, our nation seems to be facing tumult over issues surrounding diversity efforts. Due to our nation’s leaders, prevalent hate groups and comments made by them, LGBT+ people are concerned for their futures.

Following the release of research, hate centered commentary is cause for great concern as it can directly correlate to suicide by gun in the LGBT+ community.

“According to a 2014 report, research in Boston found that LGBTQ adolescents who lived in neighborhoods with higher rates of violent hate crimes targeting the LGBTQ community were significantly more likely to consider or attempt suicide than those in neighborhoods with lower rates of hate crimes,” according to the Advocate.

Additionally, adolescents are particularly at risk due to an overall spike in suicides seen by the under 18 demographic. Parents or guardians are not making the matter better, however, as “80 percent of children who died by gun suicide used a gun from their own home.”

Considering it is National Suicide Prevention Month, it is important that people take note of how their language can affect others. Saying hateful words to LGBT+ individuals, particularly youth, can lead to suicide.

Furthermore, not properly storing firearms in a home with youth can lead to a greater risk of gun-related death.

To help raise awareness of adolescent suicide, and the LGBT+ people struggling with it, check out the Be SMART program. Be SMART focuses on educating the community about gun use around adolescents.

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