Trans teen wins homecoming king at new school

Stiles Zuschlag, a transgender student, is Homecoming King of Noble High School in North Berwidk, Maine. Twitter photo.

Stiles Zuschlag, a transgender A student, was kicked out of a private Christian school in New Hampshire in August. He had attended the school since kindergarten. 

He “had excelled academically and in sports and had many friends at Tri-City Christian Academy in Somersworth when he made it known in 2015 that he was transgender” according to an Associated Press report early this month.

“He was on track to be valedictorian at the school this year, he said, before he and his mother met with the school administrator in August to talk about Zuschlag's transition from female to male.

“Zuschlag said the administrator, Paul Edgar, told him that he was no longer welcome at the school, that he was ‘going down the wrong path’ and he should confess his sins and stop testosterone treatments. The teenager said he was told that he could not return to the school campus but could consider options, such as homeschooling and Christian counseling.”

Zuschlag decided to transfer to Noble High School in North Berwick, Maine.

Last night, Stiles Zuschlag was named homecoming king at Noble High School.

"My heart kind of dropped,” he told WCSH-TV when he heard the announcement.

“He said that being honored as homecoming king ‘was the most surreal thing that's ever happened’ to him. He said he likes the way he's been accepted at his new school,” according to an AP article today.

He posted yesterday afternoon on his Twitter page that, “Tonight is the Homecoming Game and I have such nerves wondering if I’ll be Homecoming King or not.”

After his selection was announced, he posted, “I won Noble High School's 2017 Homecoming King!”

Congratulations to Stiles Zuschlag, and to the students and faculty at Noble High School!

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