Trans - YES!

Austin Sims, founder of a new transgender youth group. Photo by Robin Dorner.

by Robin Dorner
Editor in Chief 

A new group for young people who identify as gender fluid, non-binary, and transgender is beginning in Oklahoma City on Thursday evenings from 6-7 p.m. 

Organizer Austin Sims said the support group is for anyone who wishes to attend, specifically youth from ages 13-20. “It’s for everyone,” said Sims. 

“I started it because we have had an increase in youth at YES [Youth Equality Services] who have self-identified as transgender, gender non binary, and gender fluid,” Sims added. “A majority identify that way. 

“I think having the group is important because many of these guys are in the stage of life where they struggle with being comfortable in their skin outside of questioning their assigned gender and even though the community is becoming more accepting, the dialogue and inclusion rhetoric is still lacking in the community.” 

Simms said the group doesn’t have an official name yet, “it’s just a branch of YES.”  

YES is a youth-lead, adult-supported group that provides community support to LGBT and marginalized youth, age 13 to 20. YES provides a safe, affirming, alcohol/drug free environment and models positive adult behaviors to foster healthy development in our youth. 

YES is a division of Be The Change, an Oklahoma City based non-profit dedicated to inspiring and empowering people to change their world, assisting the most marginalized and vulnerable members of the community with the resources they need to thrive.   

The group meets on Thursday nights from 6-7 p.m. at Expressions Community Center (ECC), located at 2245 NW 39th, OKC, OK. 

ECC provides a safe place to support everyone trying to live happy, healthy, respected lives. The ECC vision sees a world in which all people are accepted and affirmed, regardless of social status, sexual orientation or gender identity.