Trump voters believe straight white men are more discriminated against than LGBTQ, women and minorities

A MAGA hat. KTXL photo via CNN.

A new poll published by The Economist/YouGov of 1,500 US adults points out some of the wide divides between Democrats and Republicans. Most notable is that people who voted for Donald Trump believe that straight white men are more discriminated against than LGBTQ people, minorities and women.

The differences are stark. Among Trump voters, 49 percent say men suffer “a great deal” or “a fair amount” of discrimination. Contrasted with that, only 11 percent of those who voted for Hillary Clinton thought the same.

The Trump voters said only 41 percent of LGBT people fell into the “great deal” or “fair amount category. Only 30 percent believed that women fell into the discriminated against category, while 88 percent of Clinton voters believe that women experience discrimination.

Forty-two percent of Trump voters believe that Mexican Americans experience discrimination, while the number of Clinton voters who believe that was an resounding 90 percent.

African Americans fared similarly in the poll with 38 percent of Trump voters believing that blacks experience large discrimination, while 50 percent of them said African Americans experienced “not much”. Clinton voters overwhelmingly – 90 percent – said African Americans are heavily discriminated against.

It appears there is a wide divide in the country between supporters of President Trump and those who support Democrats. Trump’s rallies and campaign themes continually stress how terrible his follower are treated by the media in our society.

The poll was conducted October 14-16. You can view the data from the poll here.

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