"A Tuna Christmas" in OKC

Don Jordan (left) and Jonathan Beck Reed play a variety of characters in two-man-show "A Tuna Christmas". Photo Provided.

by Emma Rose Kraus
Journalism Intern

It’s December and now is the time that theatres everywhere are showing annual performances of It’saWonderfulLifeand, of course, A Christmas Carol, but for those who are looking for a less conventional holiday classic, the Oklahoma City Repertory Theatre may have just the show.

Campy and charming, Don Jordan and Jonathan Beck Reed are delightful in this holiday production of audience favorite A Tuna Christmas.

The two actors show off their skills in a variety of roles as they navigate through the complex and often not-so-merry lives of the residents of Tuna, Texas.

This story, quite apt for the current political climate, will be recognizable to anyone who has lived in a small town in the southern United States.

Verging on satire, the show follows the Christmas stories of the people of Tuna, from a couple of local radio show hosts, to a weapon loving gun shop owner, to a lonely mother of three, Jordan and Reed move in and out of characters rapidly and with impressive skill.

The stories of these characters, though complicated and a bit messy, still manage to hold the same warmth and focus on family and goodwill that is seen in the more traditional narratives of the season while still having an edginess that is welcomingly different for anyone a bit tired of the characteristic holiday tales.

Much of the success of the performance goes to Jordan and Reed who bring life to a somewhat dated script. The joy of the show comes less from what they are saying than the way they are saying it. Truly, the two work well together onstage and there is an ease to their actions and a comfort between them that is evident to anyone watching.

Still, while the dynamic duo’s performances are entertaining for audiences of all ages, many millennial viewers may find some of the humor going over their heads.

While this is probably a show to skip if you’re looking for something to do with the kids, for a night out on the town, A Tuna Christmas could be just the thing to brighten spirits while still being a bit different from the usual holiday performances.

All in all, there is something simply pleasing about A Tuna Christmas that will leave audiences looking for good laughs, good times and a good escape this holiday season extremely satisfied while still filling the need for something a bit different.

Dec 1-18 at 7:30 p.m. at The Civic Center Music Hall's Freede Little Theatre


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