Two cosmic conferences together for the first time in Eureka Springs

Eureka Springs offers two cosmic conferences back to back, April 5-10. Graphic provided.

(Eureka Springs, AR) – Eureka Springs offers two cosmic conferences back to back, April 5-10. The 11th Annual Ozark Mountain Transformation Conference, a unique metaphysical and spiritual gathering and psychic fair is April 5-7.

Following immediately is the 29th Annual Ozark Mountain UFO Conference, one of the oldest UFO conferences in the U.S., April 8-10, at the Inn of the Ozarks in Eureka Springs. Eureka is a magical resort town in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas, known for its beauty and paranormal activity.

Both conferences will feature keynote speaker Erich von Däniken, bestselling author of the Chariots of the Gods books and a pioneer of Ancient Astronaut Theory that states the gods of ancient times were Extraterrestrials who created mankind and shaped civilizations for millennia.

The Transformation Conference is a venue for Ozark Mountain Publishing authors to share their books and insights into all sorts of metaphysical topics.

The conference features second keynote speaker Susun Weed, lecturing on “The Spirit of the Wise Woman Tradition.” Other presenters include authors Lee Sumpter and Garnet Schulhauser; and Justine Alessi, presenting “The Origin of the Tarot” featuring exciting live participation from the audience.

Maureen McGill; Patrick Andries; Annie Stillwater Gray; filmmaker Michael Perlin; James Nussbaumer and author Blair Styra are also presenters.

The Transformation Conference concludes with the annual Speakers Dinner will provide a special opportunity to dine and mingle with speakers from both conferences.

The 2016 Ozark Mountain UFO Conference begins on April 8 and features second UFO keynote speaker Linda Moulton-Howe, one of the world’s foremost UFO investigators.

David Marler, Illinois State Director of MUFON, will present “The Flying Saucer Invasion of 1950 – Farmington, NM and Beyond.” Also featured are Chase Kloetzke; Nick Pope; Sherry Wilde; Whitley Strieber; and Jim Marrs, a Texas journalist and author of four New York Times bestselling books.

Veteran UFO investigator Richard Dolan returns to Eureka Springs to lecture on “The Extraterrestrial Hypothesis: A Fresh Understanding for a New Century.” Von Däniken’s presentation “Unsolved Mysteries of the Past,” which explores how this planet was visited by ETs in the past concludes day two.

Other presenters are USAF veteran John Burroughs and Crop Circle and UFO expert Barbara Lamb.

The Ozark Mountain UFO Conference will wrap up on the afternoon of April 10 with an annual drawing of door prizes that will include a full three day pass to next year’s UFO Conference.

Special discounted packages to register for both conferences are available and both conferences will feature their own keynote speakers in addition to von Däniken. Many of the speakers will also offer workshops, personal readings and sessions that can be booked in advance by calling (800) 935-0045. For tickets visit, and


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