Two-Spirit in Native America

On Thursday, April 19, 6 p.m., join panelists and guests for a discussion on two-spirit identities in the Native American tradition. The event will be held at the Edmond First United Methodist Church, 305 E. Hurd in Edmond, Okla.

The evening will be an exploration of human sexuality as expressed in various Native American or First Nations cultural understandings. The event focuses on information provided by a three-person panel speaking on spirituality and sexuality.

Panelists include Kelley Blair, M.S., LPC who is CEO and Founder of the Diversity Center of Oklahoma, and Co-Chair of the Central Oklahoma Two-Spirit Society.

Also speaking on the panel is Savannah Waters. She is a graduate student of Native American history at the University of Central Oklahoma.

Along with Blair and Waters will be the Reverend Murray Crookes. He serves as senior pastor of Angie Smith Memorial Chapel, a United Methodist Church in connection with the Oklahoma Indian Missionary Conference.

This educational discussion is hosted by three different organizations: The Women’s Research and BGLTQ+ Student Center at UCO, the Native American Student Association (NASA) at UCO and Edmond First UMC. 

The Center at UCO serves as a site of information, research, grant funding, and advocacy for issues regarding women, gender, and sexuality. They collaborate with scholars and activists on and off campus on interdisciplinary scholarly, creative, and pedagogical projects in the fields of Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies.

The Center advocates for BGLTQ+ students in university- and unit-level strategic planning, budgeting, curricular development, and programming processes and by promoting civic engagement and fostering strategic partnerships in the wider BGLTQ+ community. 

The Center also acts as a resource for the BGLTQ+ community, a crucial community meeting place, and an educational resource.

The purpose of NASA is to unite and represent the Native American student body at UCO. Their goals include building and strengthening awareness of Native American culture in Edmond, Okla. and promoting the diverse languages, cultures, and history of Native Americans through university and community service by hosting social, cultural, and educational events.

Edmond First UMC’s mission statement is to connect people with God and neighbor through bearing witness to the power of grace and acceptance while being grounded in the rich tradition of our United Methodist heritage.

This content was provided by Rev. Trey Witzel, Pastor, First United Church of Edmond.
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