UPDATE: Police deny bombing attempt at Wichita’s Equality Kansas

Tom Witt said it looked like an amateur attempt at an improvised explosive device (i.e.d.). File photo.

By Robin Dorner
Editor in Chief

Last Monday, September 26, Wichita’s Equality Kansas reported to Wichita Police Department (WPD) that a U-Haul truck used to transport equipment from the Wichita Pride event had been tampered with, as reported by The Gayly yesterday.

Tom Witt, Executive Director of Equality Kansas told The Gayly, “We had a U-Haul from the Pride Festival parked here. We went to start it and it wouldn’t start. Went to jump it and couldn’t find the battery and [we found] the battery cable had been cut and there was a can of gasoline with the cable in it.”

Witt said it looked like an amateur attempt at an improvised explosive device (i.e.d.).

However, the WPD deny any indication of i.e.d. activity, no bomb and deny any evidence of a hate crime.

“Overnight on Sunday to Monday of last week, it appears someone tried to get under there [U-Haul truck] and siphon some gas,” said Sergeant Woodrow of the WPD. “There were some starter wires cut, an empty gas can and a drill bit on the ground.”

Woodrow said the property damage occurred because the wire was cut, but there was “no indication of a hate crime or a bomb.

“We’ve had a handful of these [vandalism] in the past couple of months.”

Witt told The Gayly yesterday that “They [WPD] are not sharing a lot of their details with us,” adding there have been no other recent threat or call-in’s to the organization with any threats of violence.

He also said the battery is on the underside of the truck in this type of vehicle and the gas can was moved by the time the police arrived. There was gas in the can.

Equality Kansas made a number of changes to security which they are not sharing with the public. "Details of our security are private for the safety of our members and staff.”

Witt said actions such as these “strengthens our resolve to fight.”

The report was filed as "destruction of property." Woodrow said they have no suspect info at this time.

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