Winner chosen in Virginia congressional tie

David Yancey (l) and Shelly Simonds (r). Photos by AP.

A tiebreaker took place in Virginia Thursday morning.

The race between the three-term incumbent and Democratic challenger Shelly Simonds has bounced back and forth since the November election. Yancey appeared to have won by 10 votes, but on Dec. 19 Simonds won a recount by a single vote. The next day, a three-judge panel declared a tie based on a previously uncounted vote for Yancey.

A Republican has won a Virginia state House of Delegates race so close that its outcome was determined by pulling the candidate's name out of a bowl.

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Del. David Yancey was named the winner of the 94th District on Thursday by the Virginia State Board of Elections.

The win by Yancey leaves Republicans clinging to a slim 51-49 majority over Democrats in the House. A lawsuit is pending over the results of another House race in northern Virginia and Simonds could ask for another recount.

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