“All Gays Die”: Utah High School football players allegedly burn Pride flag

Kearn, Utah football team. Hudl photo.

Some members of the Kearns High School football team in Utah could be in trouble for a video posted on social media. A player posted a video on Snapchat last week where someone lights an LGBTQ Pride flag on fire and laughs.

“I’m more embarrassed and humiliated by this than anything I have ever been,” said Coach Ricards. “It’s potentially a hate crime, and it sickens me.”

A video of the players burning a Pride flag and saying, “All gays must die,” was posted on social media and shared by another player.

“Our number one goal is to build men of character, integrity, be responsible, have empathy for others, and serve the community for good,” the coach said. “That’s our number one objective.”

But this does not appear to serve these goals and objectives.

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The Gayly via CNN, 6/18/19 @ 5:20 p.m. CST.