39th St. District holds planning meeting about revitalization project

39th St. District board and stakeholders met today to discuss plans for the 39th St. District revitalization project. Photo by Robin Dorner.

By Robin Dorner
Editor in Chief

Members of Johnson & Associates met with the 39th St. District board and stakeholders today. Plans for the 39th St. District revitalization were discussed, and later today, business owners and other involved parties will collaborate with the members of the community for their input.

“Hopefully we will provide what the citizens want, the city, and do it under budget,” said Tim Johnson, president and owner of Johnson & Associates Civil Engineering and Planning, the company awarded the 39th St. District project by the city of OKC.

Plans were discussed for parking, accessibility, landscaping, bike lanes, and more.

“The city did a bike study, and it includes routes coming from all directions,” Johnson said.

“When we look at this, we want to decide how we are going to use the space, place trees, other landscaping, parking, and discuss how this will also affect business owners,” said Johnson. “That is, of course, very important.”

The total budget for the project is $2 million, which includes all soft fees such as contingencies, research, etc. There will be $1.6 million available for improvements.

 “We are a late-night district and lighting is critical,” said John Gibbons, co-owner of the popular Boom on 39th. “Safety and security are crucial.”

“Any parking you add on would be helpful,” said John Priebe, owner of Priebe’s Auto Clinic and Auto Shop located on Barnes Ave., just north of 39th St. His business is largely a daytime business, but he has been active on the 39th St. District board and has a keen understanding of community needs.

Johnson also said by the end of August they will begin loading planning information on the Johnson & Associates website at www.jaokc.com. Interested parties will be able to view project plans as they are completed.

At 5:30 today, there will be a presentation followed by community input at Expressions Church at 4010 N. Youngs Blvd in OKC.

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