After ten years, one of Tulsa’s popular bands is back

Jimmy & Angel Adams with Eric Himan in 2019. Photo by Jeremy Charles.

by Robin Dorner
Editor in Chief

It all started with an open mic in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 2009. Eric Himan, a touring solo acoustic artist, had just moved to Tulsa, OK from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and was ready to start a life in a new city. After hearing about an open mic from a friend at a local bar, Eric signed up, as did Angel and Jimmy Adams, a brother/sister duo performing around Tulsa.

That night, Eric met the Adams and the Adams met Eric. They started performing together and quickly became the band, Eric and the Adams.

On Friday, March 6, Eric and the Adams reunite for “one heck of a show.” It’s Eric and the Adams: 10-Years Later, and they’ll perform at The Vanguard in Tulsa. Special guests, Girls Club!

This performance is the first in ten years for the brother/sister duo, Angel Adams (drums) and Jimmy Adams (bass) who have joined up with Tulsa vocalist/guitarist, Eric Himan. Never shying away from putting on a show, they say, “this is one party you do not want to miss.”

In the middle of 2009, Eric and the Adams decided to take the handful of original tunes they had to a producer in Nashville, Rick DeLima with Headroom Studios. They recorded five tunes: Sugar, You Ain’t So Sweet, Frozen in the Sun, Hear You Breathe, Every Move, Keeper of the Secret. They released the EP in December 2009 and toured until 2011. Their last show was at The Hunt Club, March 2011.

Why the break-up? Life moves forward, and they each began moving in different directions with children and career opportunities, so they disbanded for the time being. Fast-forward to 10 years later with a simple conversation on a random stop through Angel’s workplace.

Eric and Angel remained close over the years and had discussed the band and bringing it back on its 10th anniversary. Randomly, Jimmy had had the same conversation with Angel around this time and quickly, the pieces started coming back together.

In December 2019, they announced their comeback with two photos, both pictured here. One was from 2009 and one ten years later. Photographer Jeremy Charles took both photos.

Don’t miss this “epic” show. Eric and the Adams: 10-Years Later will perform March 6 at Tulsa’s The Vanguard located at 222 N Main St. in downtown Tulsa. Tickets at For more info, find Eric and the Adams on social media.

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