August 2018 astrology highlights and horoscopes

by Josh Rutledge
Zodiac Columnist

August 7 - Uranus goes retrograde.
August 11 - New moon and solar eclipse in Leo.
August 12 - Mars moves in to Capricorn.
August 19 - Mercury moves direct.
August 23 - The sun moves in to Virgo.
August 26 - Full moon in Pisces.
August 27 - Mars moves direct.

Aries: Keep your eye on the prize and keep working. Many of you are getting some positive help from a fellow fire sign this month. You are being gifted the confidence and stamina to achieve your goals and wishes. Use your gift wisely.

Taurus: Trust and believe in what is developing behind the scenes. The small steps are bringing in new manifestations. New opportunities and offers surrounding work and health routines are showing up this month. Results are peaking through.

Gemini: Summer love. You and your partner are being given the opportunity to connect on a deeper and refreshed level. A romantic getaway could be good. A focus on love and connection is here. Don’t overthink. Let the feelings of love pour in.

Cancer: You may feel caught in between decisions this month, but someone is coming in to aid you in decisiveness. Clarity is coming. The feeling of being pinned down is being released. When you release this wound, love and value balance out.

Leo: You must hold steadfast to your value. Some of you may be feeling guarded especially when it comes to intimate relationships. You have the power to call in the kind of love and harmony you want. This can come in as fast as you allow it.

Virgo: A lingering feeling of uncertainty with a person or situation may be showing up. Some bonds have had to be concluded. I feel you are rebuilding trust this month. There’s a lot of work at hand, but happy payoffs are on the way.

Libra: The art of knowing when to act on instinct is here for you. Your efforts and craft are being nurtured and shining through this month. A happy and secure decision is being made regarding what you have been most desiring.

Scorpio: Do you value yourself enough to walk away this month? Take some time if you need, or completely leave behind what no longer serves you. There is some joy and enlightenment to be had with self-exploration. Feel yourself rejuvenate through a fantasy break.

Sagittarius: You may feel a sense of chaos this month. So much is shifting and changing for you. Some contracts may fall through, but this could be the best thing. Recharge with good friends and company. This will strengthen you.

Capricorn: Waiting for the right time is indeed a wise decision on your part. Gather your energy. Seeking spiritual solitude is okay. It may be a good time for you to reconnect with someone from the past or heal old wounds with that person.

Aquarius: Attention is being brought to your home and love life. Is there a healthy structure? Is the masculine energy struggling to balance out? The wheel of karma is turning the fates with your relationship dynamics. The result looks positive, but not easy.

Pisces: Connect more with people and those who desire to be in your company this month. Draw in those relationships who have your best interests at heart. It is a good time for you to move on your plans. Make your desires a reality in August.

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