The Boom owners purchase adjacent property

Owners of the Boom, John Gibbons and Brett Young. Photo by Robin Dorner.

By Robin Dorner
Editor in Chief

Owners of Oklahoma City’s popular The Boom nightclub, John Gibbons and Brett (Kitty Bob Aimes) Young, have purchased the property directly east of their club. The property has had a car wash located on it for many years.

The owners say they have tried for eight years to purchase the property and were finally able to close on the deal last month.

“That car wash has been such an eyesore, and people hate it,” said Gibbons. “I mean, it was troublesome to us, but we didn’t realize how much the community wanted it gone.”

Gibbons said people don’t realize is that there is a huge cinder block building on that property.

“We’re going to convert it to upscale retail. We plan to divide it into three, one-thousand square foot retail spaces. We are going to tear the whole car wash out and use that for parking.”

Part of the building renovation includes removing much of the cinder block and replacing it with glass.

“We’ll hopefully get the parking lot part done by the end of January,” he said. “The first thing is to tear the car wash down and get some lighting up there. We’ll do some secured parking on weekends.”

Gibbons, who was recently elected as President of the 39th St. District, said he thinks tearing down the car wash and renovating is going to be a major improvement for how the area will look.

“We want the community to see real progress in the District.”

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