Caller to Gayly, "You're about communism"

By Robin Dorner

I’d like to take less than two minutes of your day, if I could, and ask you to click above and listen to this message left on The Gayly voicemail. The Gayly gets many "interesting" phone calls and emails, but this one we received yesterday afternoon tops all and is now among my top five phone calls ever received.

“Well, I do think your publication is very entertaining,” said the man on the voicemail. The call came from a blocked number, so I chose not to answer it.

“The interesting part about it is you constantly use the term ‘equality,’ and I’ll say ‘justice,’” said the man. “Let me tell you this, as somebody who graduated from law school more than 40 years ago, being a white male, I am the only person; the only category of people in the United States that suffer legal discrimination.

“We call this ‘affirmative action.’ And frankly, for you to tout equality when, of course, I'm the one that is not legally treated equally, is a big joke. And frankly sounds like a bunch of communists. But of course, you know, you're not about sexuality, you're about communism, you're about Democrat politics, and you’re about stealing things from white guys. Particularly straight, Christian, white guys.”

He went on to say, “So don’t dress up the crap you publish in some kind of a moral superiority, because you’re not morally superior. That’s the reason you’re losing.”

The call ended abruptly, which is sad. I would have loved to have sat down with a cold bottle of Ensure and had a chat with him.

Interestingly, an October 5, 2017, Pew study claims affirmative action programs are now viewed more positively stating the share of the public saying affirmative action programs “designed to increase the number of black and minority students on college campuses are a good thing” has increased over the last several years.

Today, 71 percent of Americans say this, up from 63 percent three years ago. Clearly this man is not one of those in the 71 percent.

Next time, I'll share one of the many complimentary, kind voicemails and/or emails we receive. You'll likely appreciate it, but it won't be nearly as funny as this one!

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