Casino controversy: Was it LGBT+ discrimination?

Jennie DéLargy. Facebook photo

By Jordan Redman
Staff Writer 

The public was outraged Sunday night when OKC local Jennie DéLargy was confronted by Newcastle Casino staff regarding her outfit.

DéLargy explained the situation on social media. 

Comments concerning LGBT+ discrimination began to circulate on social media. 

The Gayly spoke with DéLargy regarding the incident. 

DéLargy: "Ok well babe and I went back to the first machine and I heard a woman's voice say excuse me ma'am. I turn and she's right there looking at ME! I was taken back cause like, what did I do? She asked me if I had anything I could cover myself with and I look at my outfit, look at her and say I am covered and what was inappropriate about my outfit. She then said that there are many elderly people around and that its Sunday. I said I don't understand what the day has to do with anything and that I don't have anything else to wear." 

DéLargy continued, "Babe then said that we should just go and we started walking out. As we walked off I looked back and that woman was standing there with four or five guards and I started crying because they were just watching me along with the people nearby. The walk out seemed like forever as I cried and tried not to make eye contact with everyone looking as I passed. I had babe cash out my 5$ voucher as I went outside to cry louder and call my best friend to tell her. While I was outside a guard from each side of the building came out to watch me walk to my car. I felt as if I had harmed someone. I'm a very emotional person and have a few emotional disorders. Anxiety, depression, PTSD. It all just hit so hard and I seriously cried for the rest of the day. I cried so hard before bed and even cried when I woke up this morning. My feelings are hurt and I'm beyond embarrassed. I hardly venture out of the safety I feel in my gay community and I'm beginning to remember why."

But management reached out to clear up the situation. 

DéLargy: "They just called and the manager said it was not a gay thing because he's openly gay and married and the woman who came up to me has an openly gay daughter. They said its because it was senior day and had gotten complaints about my revealing outfit. They said they were training guards and that's why there were so many. They were completely understanding and gave me $50 on my members card. I'm happy to know its not about me being gay at all and that it was just grumpy old people who are there every Sunday. They apologized over and over and consoled me as I cried. I guess its over? I just wanted an apology, which I got."

DéLargy continued, "I'm relieved it wasn't a darker situation that so many of our brothers, sisters and others have endured."

The Gayly reached out to Chickasaw Nation Department-Commerce who said they could not give an "official comment."

The Gayly. January 29, 2018. 2:50 p.m. CST.