Celebrate Lesbian Visibility Day

OPINION by Tera Bryant
LGBTQ+ Parent Columnist

This year, we will be celebrating our first Lesbian Visibility Day as a family. I am excited and thankful to be able to enjoy days like this with my rainbow family.

Spending time with loved ones on any day that focuses on respecting and appreciating those who are not often considered or seen, is a fun and joyous part of my responsibility as a parent and a proud lesbian mama.

To show my children the beautiful diversity that abounds around us, I must first show them how to appreciate and respect those who are different than them and recognizing Lesbian Visibility Day as a family is a great way to do so.

As with any holiday that celebrates diversity, Lesbian Visibility Day itself isn’t without controversy. Some lesbians believe that with the allowance of trans women into the community celebration, the patriarchy has somehow infiltrated our ranks and insinuated itself into, “our day” of all days.

It saddens me that anyone from the trans community might feel unwelcome if they identify as a female and lesbian within the lesbian community. We do not have to sacrifice our respect for diversity by excluding another marginalized and oppressed person or group of peoples. Any time people start talking about excluding others on a day celebrating inclusivity, you know that the particular mindset is likely flawed and possibly even intent upon creating division.

Because our strength lies in unity, cisgender and transgender alike, we must not allow others to create walls within our community. Gone are the days where strict definitions rule the typical roles of the LGBTQ+ world.

Many organizations and individuals have worked tirelessly over the years to educate the hetero and LGBTQ+ community as to how sexuality and sexual preference are determined and defined. The more familiar we have become with human sexuality, and the intricacies of gender non-conformity, the less divisive those lines become.

I argue that far more lesbians believe that Lesbian Visibility Day should be a day of inclusiveness and celebration of who we are, how far we have come, and where we are going next.

I can’t say that I have a perfect understanding of the issues as would a trans woman who identifies as a lesbian might face. That would be pretty arrogant of me to think. But I respect their struggle deeply, and I welcome them into my family of sisters with open arms.

I do, however, know what it is like to be different and not accepted, and so do all my sisters. So, on the day that celebrates the visibility of lesbians both here and around the world, let’s take a moment to reflect upon those within our small community who have been ostracized and dismissed; undervalued and underappreciated.

We need to send our love and light to all women, regardless of their physical shell. And hold each other up high above the nonsensical and divisive fray. We must be visible to each other and serve as a source of strength and encouragement towards one another like beacons of shining hope flung across this beautiful world.

Many blessings to all my rainbow families, and may you spend this Lesbian Visibility Day celebrating the diversity and strength you find in the lesbians within your community.

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