Condom fashion show promotes safe sex

Condomania will feature items made from condoms. Photo courtesy CHOICES.

Tulsa's The Little Blue House (LBH) is hosting a new event for its third annual fall fundraiser this year. Condomania is a fundraising dinner plus fashion show featuring original designs made from condoms in or out of the wrapper.

Condomania is an event like Tulsa has never seen. Guests will enjoy colorful and unique designs made solely, or with the addition, of condoms. While some designers keep the condoms in the wrapper, most are using the contraceptive itself for their creations.

Designs range from purses to tiaras to ball gowns. As the event is close to Halloween, guests are also invited to join in the fun and attend in costume!

Wanting to reinforce the belief that sexual health is important and also push the envelope this year, the Little Blue House fundraising committee decided to present a safe-sex fashion show. All designers are local and range from artists to university students and professors. The idea was inspired by a similar event in Memphis, TN, held by CHOICES; Memphis Center for Reproductive Health.

Little Blue House (formerly United Campus Ministry) helps Tulsa University students find a place to belong, encourage them to believe in something larger than themselves and help them gain the leadership skills they need to build just and inclusive community in Tulsa and in the wider world.

The LBH says it is a “ministry of inclusion” meaning that they believe everyone is a child of God and all are welcome regardless of faith tradition, race, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, ability or background.

Condomania doubles as a public-awareness event to tell our community that:

  • Sexual health is an important part of overall health
  • Sexual health can be discussed and promoted
  • Our community will not be bullied into silence and shame around universal issues of sexuality and reproductive health.

The event is Oct. 21, at the Dennis R. Neill Equality Center from 7-10 pm. Tickets are $45/individuals and $20/students and are available via Eventbrite.

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