Confidence is priceless

by Courtney Caplin, MD, DMD

Cosmetic Surgery Columnist

Most of my patients are normal people with normal desires and expectations. However, it is not uncommon they report a family member, friend or even a stranger has made negative remarks on their desire to make changes to their physical appearance.

These comments are especially true when a patient desires a subtle change, and their critics say, “true beauty is on the inside.” 

Although I very much agree with this statement. People do not understand sometimes small imperfections on the outside can make one feel unpretty, and at times can be a reminder of unpleasant experiences. When a person does not feel beautiful or confident, insecure and unpretty is what they are left feeling on the inside.

Our patients often present with requests to make their bodies like they used to be. For example, when women have their stomachs and breasts stretched out then deflated by children.

Another common request is a desire to make their body look how they thought it always should have looked.

Below is an email I received from a patient several months after her surgery:

“After years of physical and mental abuse, I finally found myself in positive, nurturing relationships. Unfortunately, my previous life had left me with physical damage to my nose and emotional damage to my face. I say emotional damage because I had constantly been told how ugly I was. I scheduled a consultation with Dr. Courtney Caplin and was immediately struck by the warmth and caring shown by her and the entire staff.

“The surgery was explained as was what I could likely expect as a result. The surgery was performed, and I remained there overnight. Again, I was attended to by a warm and caring staff. There were several times when I needed some advice and information. Dr. Caplin had given me her cell phone number, and I was able to speak to her directly and had my concerns put to rest. It has been four months since my surgery and not a day goes by that I do not smile as I look in the mirror. My everlasting thanks to Dr. Caplin and her marvelous staff.”

She recently returned for a follow-up visit, and she was beaming, smiling and full of life and energy. 

As a cosmetic surgeon, I have the amazing opportunity to treat patients such as these. It is incredible to see the changes in people; in how making alterations in their physical appearance can change their attitude and perspective on life in such a positive way.

I feel honored and privileged to have the opportunity to be a part of these transformations.

The Gayly. April 14, 2018. 1:20 a.m. CST.