Eureka Springs Pride events

Walking along Main Street in Eureka Springs is Alvin Byrd, owner of Byrds Eye View Decor and co-owner of Magnetic Valley Resort, walks along the streets of Eureka which are always tainted in rainbow colors.

Seriously Gayly readers; it’s as if it’s always Pride in Eureka Springs! Every day the businesses all over town fly their rainbow flags, gay couples can stroll down the streets of Eureka holding hands and not be judged, discriminated against or, for that matter, thrown out of town.

In fact, a popular Eureka Springs City Ads Promotion Commission (CAPC) advertising promo reads, “Eureka Springs. Not even our streets are straight!” This advertising can be seen not only each month in the Gayly, but is advertised in cities across the nation to attract LGBT and friendly visitors all year long.

On my visit to Eureka Springs last September, I was amazed at the rich diverse culture of this quaint town. I felt the excitement of this small, yet thriving gay community in this charming town.

According to “Out in Eureka,” There’s no need to look for a “gay district” in Eureka Springs. You’ll find rainbow flags flying throughout the town welcoming GLBT visitors. The majority of lodging facilities, restaurants, retail stores, and bars are MORE than GLBT friendly. As a matter of fact, they embrace diversity every day.

With a domestic partner registry, three Diversity Weekends a year, more than 50 gay-owned/friendly businesses, and a “laissez fair” feel Eureka Springs truly is a premier vacation destination for the LGBT Community.

There are also three special, “diversity weekends,” held annually in the spring, summer and fall. On these weekends, thousands of gay, lesbian, transgendered, bisexual, and open-minded straight people for a fun-filled weekend of diverse activities and events.

For information about the most gay-friendly businesses in Eureka Springs, visit the website of the official voice of LGBT Eureka Springs at