December 2018 astrology highlights and horoscopes

by Joshua Rutledge
Zodiac Columnist

  • December 6 – Mercury moves direct
  • December 7 – New moon in Sagittarius
  • December 21 – Sun enters Capricorn and winter solstice begins
  • December 22 – Full moon in Cancer
  • December 31 – Mars moves into Aries

Happy birthday Sagittarius and Capricorn

Aries: Riveting, inspiring, and game-changing ideas are coming to you this month. Some passion or activity is coming back to you from childhood. This passion is something you are being encouraged to see through. Your intense focus will equal victory.

Taurus: It’s okay to start small, and as a novice. What you seek and are trying to energize needs a bit more nurturing. Be receptive to feelings. You will feel rewarded once you understand your emotional roots better.

Gemini: Some exciting adventures await you this month. Relational bonds are being formed, and are taking you on quite the roller coaster ride. You are being invited to be flexible and go beyond your comfort zone. Travel looks good.

Cancer: Conversation is key for your wellbeing. There is an affirmative call to action this month. You are being enlightened with information regarding the progress, and the next step with your career. What is and is not stable in your home is being brought up.

Leo: You are being fueled with creativity and the desire to make something of it this month. Let your instincts support you through this process. Some powerful figures are watching you. Romance is making its way back into your life.  

Virgo: Take a minute, and go ahead and evaluate your work. Pruning your efforts and projects looks beneficial. Try to give yourself some self-care time, and do not be overly active this month. You may feel a little more withdrawn. Timing is everything.

Libra: Your sharp wit will do you credit. Make the call. Business endeavors look golden and may keep you quite busy this month. It’s okay if you feel like you must keep to yourself to accomplish the job. Whatever you’re setting your mind to you will fulfill.

Scorpio: It may be good for you to realign some of your goals and desires. Strategizing your next steps looks wise. Expect a wealth of information to come to you later in the month. A change of pace comes. Parts of your vision are already well on their way.

Sagittarius: Your spiritual and relational roles are coming to the forefront. If you are not feeling healthy in those area’s of life, you’ll find some instructional relief this month. Inspiration is igniting all around you. Any commitments made look great.  

Capricorn: Love is blossoming around you. You are looking attractive to others. Invoking a new beauty routine or makeover looks good. You may feel like shying away from intimacy due to a fear of being rejected. Believe in the miracles of love this month.

Aquarius: Are you feeling the need to turn your back on something or someone? Giving yourself distance will broaden your perspective. The key to resolving any inner tension is to leave and maybe go on a trip. Follow that exotic call. Your mind will be blown.

Pisces: There is a strong feeling of nurturing and healing surrounding you. You may find yourself indulging and savoring more this month. Whatever past conflict erupted is now working itself out. Expanding within your family or home environment looks positive.

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