February horoscopes and astrology notes

by Josh Rutledge
Zodiac Columnist

Astrology Highlights:
The January 31 Leo, Lunar Eclipse energy carries over into February
Eclipses are the biggest transit we can experience.
February 10 - Venus moves into Pisces.
February 15 - the Aquarius, New Moon and partial Solar Eclipse occur.
February 17 - Mercury moves into Pisces.
February 18 - the Sun enters the sign of Pisces.
There is no full moon in February.
Happy birthday Aquarius and Pisces!

Aries: You may feel the need to speak up for yourself, and defend your truth. Some new project or business venture may be taking off for you this month. Things can progress rather quickly for you here in February. Your sense of value and self is strong. This air of confidence will have you feeling on top, empowered and in your element.

Taurus: There will be some who will oppose or challenge you this month. You have the high ground Taurus. Be rooted in your choices and path. Don’t let others dictate what is best for you. Tapping into that rooted power within yourself will bring you and those surrounding you a sense of peace. A new, secure sense of balance is yours this month.

Gemini: An energy of hard work and creativity is showing up for you this month. Your focus is unstoppable and fruitful! Whatever you’re working on will pay off. New opportunity, and perhaps some extra money, will be showing up for many of you. Success wants to make its way to you. Let it.

Cancer: Patience. The seeds that you have planted are growing; they just may not be visible yet. You can only initiate so much until the universe asks you to let go and let it work for you. There will be some movement and incoming flow for you this month. When you are called to move or make a choice, do what feels right. A positive new journey is approaching.

Leo: Partnership and relationships are accentuated for you this month. For some of you, the universe is bringing you someone who is worthy of your commitment. New loyalty and strong foundations are being given to you this month. Celebrate. The sun is shining upon you in many areas of your life right now. Creating prosperity will be easy for you in February.

Virgo: You will be able to tap into your inner child and intuitive wisdom this month. Balance in your health and spirituality is unified. New, vibrant inspirations are coming to you this month. Passion is being given to you. It’s a good time for you to pursue new ideas and adventures. Allow yourself some time for self-care. Nurture you.

Libra: Many of you have been:; building new skills, or working on bigger goals. There is an energy calling you to move this month with faith. You may not be able to see or map out the outcome, but you are being encouraged to take the risk. Through this process, you will achieve that harmonious balance, especially regarding your work life. Leave the old to embark on the new.

Scorpio: Have you been asking the really hard questions? Have you been exploring and divulging things beneath the surface? There’s a calling to finish up the inner probing that many of you have been doing. You will be getting the answers you seek. Those answers will give you the truth and assuredness that you desire. A powerful feeling of alignment will come to you.

Sagittarius: An exciting new opportunity is emerging for you. You don’t have to force opportunity. It is being given to you this month. Changes are coming in fast. Others may not understand you or your purpose. Therefore, distance may be created. If there are people in your life who don’t support your purpose, let them go. So much more is rushing into you this month that will bring lightness!

Capricorn: There is a focus for you to structure your finances this month. You may feel things are moving slowly in the way of your finances and status. Be alert though. The insights that you need are going to be pouring in like a waterfall. Your next move will become evident. Your diligence will be rewarded.

Aquarius: The offers and messages that you have been waiting for are popping up. Your creativity is at its height this month. You can call in what it is that you want. The universe is giving you birthday wishes. There is still a need to put in the effort and work though. The gradual effort you put in will produce fruitful results. Get to creating!

Pisces: Time spent with those who are closest to you will grandly benefit you this month. Some of you will be receiving more money or support of some kind. There is a calling for you to find time to reflect this month to. Recharge. Something coming is to many of you from an older man. Depending on you, it will be wisdom or something material.

The Gayly. February 1, 2018. 9:59 a.m. CST.