Five healthy sex habits for gay men in 2018

by Dudley Seth Danoff, MD, FACS
Men’s Health Columnist

When the new year rolls around, many people turn their attention to improving their health, making resolutions to try out a new diet or join a gym. Choices like these are great for personal well-being, and they have the added benefit of improving your sex life.

If you are a gay man, you may have some additional health needs to stay on top of in 2018—but isn’t having your hottest year yet worth the extra effort? Here are five resolutions that can help you stay healthy and virile next year:

1. If you are having any trouble getting or keeping an erection, consider getting some of those “magic pills” that increase blood circulation, such as Viagra and Cialis. Before taking any erectile dysfunction (ED) drugs, however, you should consult your doctor and discuss potential complications with other medications you’re taking.

ED drugs are dangerous for patients who are taking nitroglycerine for coronary artery disease. ED pills also don’t mix well with some “recreational drugs.” Certain HIV medications can increase both the effectiveness of ED pills and their potential side effects, so the smallest possible dose of ED drugs must be used to balance safety with performance.

2. Practice safe sex and protect yourself against AIDS. Knowing your partner has passed an HIV test is not always enough, as the virus can be transmitted before it shows up in a test. The deadly virus can find its way into your bloodstream through any minor break or crack, either in your skin or the mucous membranes lining any body cavity.

When in doubt, heed the usual advice about using condoms or avoiding intercourse. Condoms may cramp your style, and, yes, sex feels a lot better without them - but your life is at stake. You can love sex even with latex. You just have to do it with discernment, caution and care.

3. One issue that is blind to sexual orientation is prostate cancer, the second-leading cause of death in men in America. The best way to beat prostate cancer is with early diagnosis. The key to early diagnosis is a yearly digital rectal examination by a qualified examiner, a PSA (prostate-specific androgen) blood test and a prostate biopsy if needed.

Published data has shown that a PSA in conjunction with a digital rectal examination doubles the detection rate of early prostate cancer. Though bringing up cancer can feel scary, asking for a PSA screening is one of the best ways you can protect yourself from this threat.

4. Resolve to turn up the heat on your sex life - have as much safe sex as you can fit into your schedule. Frequent sexual activity is a sure way to increase your cardiovascular fitness, mental acuity, inner enthusiasm and psychological tranquility.

The greatest aphrodisiac is love itself. Be creative, be bold, be proactive, and care passionately about the needs of your partner, and the rewards will be endless.

5. A healthy diet and vigorous exercise program are essential for sexual fitness. Doctors recommend thirty minutes of aerobic exercises four or five times a week to maintain cardiovascular fitness. Avoid overeating, refrain from excessive drinking. Your diet should include plenty of fiber. A diet high in fiber and protein, but low in saturated fats and simple sugars (effective for their sexual health and preventing diseases such as atherosclerosis, diabetes and prostate cancer).

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