The future is black and queer

by Mahkesha Hogg
LGBT+ Black Issues Columnist

In the last few years, a lot of black queer history has been made that will pass on through generations to come. I think about the future of black queer history often and how much impact our community will have on the world.

In my imagined world, there will be more and more black and POC LGBT+ politicians, actors, teachers, police officers and physicians, just to name a few.

I imagine LGBT+ Bible study groups at black churches and black queer pastors.

I imagine monuments of famous black queer icons erected.

I imagine there is an LGBT+ exhibit inside the National Museum of African American History.

Take a trip with me into the queer black future.

The president of the United States is a black lesbian who erected the first permanent Pride flag at the nation’s capitol outside near the Rose Garden.

She also establishes an LGBT+ branch of the Department of Justice which investigates discrimination and hate crimes. She signs into law Harvey Milk day on his birthday.

This president is a gentle and compassionate leader. She avoids war and finds peaceful resolve. She is stern when she needs to be but always stays focused on creating the greatest amount of good for all the people of America.

We will have the First Lady just like old days because this president married a successful businesswoman. Our black lesbian president will be reelected and go down in history as the most diverse president in the history of the United States.

There will be LGBT+ schools in every state with a requirement for every teacher to have LGBT+ diversity training. The Pride flag will be raised every morning along with the American flag in schools across the nation.

LGBT+ history will be a required course taught in every school; all of this because of a bold black lesbian.

Our president will receive the Noble Peace Prize for her many accomplishments in promoting diversity and equality throughout the world.

In my queer black future, our vice president will be a transgender male who will be instrumental in getting all medical services for trans people covered by health insurance plans. He will fight for and achieve full equality for all transgender people.

The future can and will be brighter and inclusive because we will demand it.

We can achieve these ideals when we get out and vote.

Make your voices heard? You said, “Yes we can,” and you proved that you could be a force to be reckoned with in this way.

There is no mountain high enough and no bigotry strong enough to keep you from achieving greatness. Nothing is too challenging because you were designed to conquer.

Make history every day.

The Gayly. February 12, 2018. 9:10 a.m. CST.