The Habana Inn lives to see another day

By Jordan Redman
Staff Writer

The Gayly spoke with Peter Holmes, broker for the Habana Inn located in Oklahoma City this afternoon and received an update on the current status of the resort.

The news of the "Southwest's Largest Gay Resort" being put on the market was reported in March of 2018.

As per the update, Holmes issued this statement:

"The hotel is under agreement to an out of state purchaser who is in a due diligence period. They are long term real estate investors with holdings in several states including Oklahoma. Their long term plan is still in formula, but their intention is to improve the condition and operations of the Habana and maintain the hotel as a centerpiece of the new 39th Street District. They are extremely excited about the opportunity moving forward and at the proper time will engage with the community."

Holmes also added, "They are extremely impressed with 39th St. district and they are LGBTQ friendly."

He concluded by saying, "The purchaser really sees that there is potential in the market for this hotel to really be sort of a centerpiece for the area."

Keeping in mind the buyer is currently in a contingency period, anything could happen. But for now, the current buyer's interest in the Habana Inn is to keep it a staple in the 39th St. district.

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