I have a dream

LGBT+ pride flag of color. File photo.

by Mahkesha Hogg

LGBT+ Black Issues Columnist

I have a dream one day little queer black boys and girls can be themselves without ridicule.
I have a dream you can purchase a cake for your wedding and not be turned away. 
I have a dream you can book the wedding venue of your choice and not fear they will not refuse you.
I have a dream you can bring your significant other to dinner without whispers or stares.
I have a dream you can attend a black church; sit in the pews and be welcomed with open arms.
I have a dream you can adopt a child if you please.
I have a dream trans people of color will not be murdered at alarming rates due to bigotry.
I have a dream our black relatives will be open to listening to our struggles.
I have a dream that black and brown people in the LGBT+ community will not be silenced for speaking about the bigotry they experience within the community.
I have a dream there will be a Pride flag created for POC.
I have a dream my future children will not have to ask “Why do LGBT+ people get treated differently?”
One day, we will not have to dream.
But today, you still cannot purchase goods without the possibility of discrimination.
I write this with both hope and sadness because you have the right to marry in any state, but you do not have full employment rights.
American has still not fulfilled its promise of the pursuit of happiness and freedom for all, but we’ll get there.
Let Pride ring! Let Pride ring! Let Pride ring!

The Gayly 1/14/2018 @9:37 a.m.