Include swimming in your summer fitness agenda

by Christopher B. Robrahn
Fitness Columnist

I tend to focus on seasonal fitness. That is, making your fitness and exercise fit your time and sunlight constraints. Our bodies must adjust a great deal from summer to winter and back.

It doesn’t mean one can’t be as “fit” during the winter, but for many of us, the cold, lack of sunlight along with holiday and school activities make the colder months an interesting challenge.

The summer is unique as well. Most of us don’t stay hydrated enough. Remember to take along a bottle of water when doing a variety of outdoor activities, especially if you are walking, running, playing sports or working.

Nothing can feel better than feeling active and healthy during the summer. Change up your exercise routine to reflect the warm weather; consider adding some swim time.

Swimming activities aren’t just for kids or something we learned when we were young. Swimming is an outstanding cardio activity, and can raise your heart rate, not stress your joints and broadly use more muscle groups with less stress than resistance training.

One also doesn’t get hot, it’s fun, and can be very safe.

I have a friend who never learned to swim because of some childhood swimming stress. Imagine being told you need to learn to swim and you get “thrown in” and are simply expected to know what to do. He’s never wanted to get back into the water again and has some worries about going on cruises or activities in or around water.

First and foremost, learning to swim (as a child or as an adult) is an important safety point. I can’t imagine not knowing how to swim.

I have a financial client who is taking swimming lessons right now. She told me she is absolutely dedicated to learning to swim by the time she’s 50.

I enjoy swimming laps. It’s an awesome activity after working in the yard. If you do swim, it’s probably wise to always swim with someone else around. You should watch your energy level,  don’t swim on a full stomach and always use appropriate skin lotion with an appropriate SPF when swimming (reapply when needed).

Time in the water can be great but think about what you are doing to your body as a whole. Keep it healthy!

With July 4 coming up, the pools in the U.S are all open, and swimming is underway.

When did you swim the last time? Have you ever thought about taking a swim class at your local YMCA or fitness club?

Gaining an appreciation for fitness in the water can be an awesome summertime addition to an active lifestyle!   

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