Intersexperiences: Intersex Medical Care and Advocacy

In April, UCO’s Institute of Hope (IOH) will hold an event entitled Intersexperiences: Intersex Medical Care and Advocacy.

by Greg White
Staff Writer

In April, UCO’s Institute of Hope (IOH) will hold an event entitled Intersexperiences: Intersex Medical Care and Advocacy, which will engage students, faculty, staff, and administration as well as the community by providing educational programming, aid, and service opportunities.   

“While an estimated one in 2,000 babies are born with an intersex condition, intersex people are largely invisible in today's society,” said Dr. Brenda Chappell, Director of the IOH. “This invisibility leads to a great amount of shame and isolation for those in the intersex community. These individuals also face marginalization in many facets of their daily life and, specifically, in their treatment by medical professionals.”

By presenting on these issues, the IOH hopes to spread awareness about the experiences of intersex individuals and shine light onto the moral and ethical debate of their treatment by the medical establishment.

Dr. Chappell said, “The event will happen in two parts. The first part will be an Intersex 101 course that will introduce the audience to different conditions and terms and will also discuss the ethical debate and laws regarding medical interventions on intersex youth.
“The second part will then be a panel in which medical professionals and intersex individuals and their family members will talk about their experiences and answer any questions from the audience.”

The IOH is a faculty directed, student led organization with the goal of promoting awareness of social injustices occurring on local, state, national, and global levels and to provide an outlet which promotes social responsibility through their activities and partnerships with other organizations.

The presentation will be made by five students: Erica Belucci, McKinzie Richardson, Rickey Garrett, Tristan Campbell, and Elena Hight. There will also be a panel that will include social workers and medical professionals who work with affected individuals, intersex individuals, and the family members of intersex individuals.

“We hope it will help people understand the trials that intersex individuals face,” said Chappell. “Personally too, I hope that we can tell intersex individuals or their family members that they are not alone. That there is help and there is light.”

Intersexperiences: Intersex Medical Care and Advocacy will be held April 13 at 7 p.m. in Pegasus Theatre at UCO.


The Gayly- 4/4/2016 @ 9:19 AM CDT