It’s all about texture; the artwork of Tami Smith featured in Tulsa

September’s Oklahomans for Equality (OkEq) showcase and exhibit of local artists at the Dennis R. Neill Equality Center will feature the works of Tami Smith. The event will begin with a reception on Thursday, September 5, from 6-9 p.m. and continues throughout the month. 

This body of work is all about texture in that it consists of highly textured acrylic paintings. Smith uses out of the ordinary materials and paper collage pieces which have applied texture through many layers of paint. These materials are covered with a layer of resin.

Each piece has a unique surface which draws the viewer in close to examine the layers of paint flowing over the hills and into the valleys of applied materials. Some artworks are painted with metallic paint, which allows the light to bounce off the texture from every angle.

“The process of applying texture to a canvas, then watching the paint find its way through the crevices and cracks is quite rewarding for me,” said Smith. “You could say some of my paintings, paint themselves – while I can watch as each painting transforms itself; that is what gives me joy.

“It's always a moment in time I get to experience - never to be repeated the same way twice; and because of the process in which I paint, no two paintings will ever be exactly the same. In creating each piece, I strive to construct in a way that will prompt questions of how it was produced.”

Smith said she has always loved to paint, create, explore, make and transform with her art.

“I have also always loved to share what I have learned with others. After decades of teaching graphic design and computer classes, I decided to start creating for myself,” Smith said. “Along with the composition and color theory knowledge I have from teaching, I have learned many new and unique art techniques by studying with the best.”

She has studied with world-renowned artists and local artists and taken numerous online classes. She has accomplished much self-learning from a whole library of art books.

“After years of perfecting my techniques and style, I am now experiencing the greatest delight; having collectors of my art!” 

The show will begin with a reception on Thursday, September 5, from 6-9 p.m. at the Dennis R. Neill Equality Center, located at 621 E. 4th Street in downtown Tulsa. There will be a door prize at the reception with the winner receiving a piece of work from the artist. The show continues through September.

Oklahomans for Equality (OkEq) seeks equal rights for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBTQ+) individuals and families through advocacy, education, programs, alliances and the operation of the Dennis R. Neill Equality Center.

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