It's okay to show your children diversity

By Tera Bryant
LGBTQ+ Parent Columnist

Happy anniversary marriage equality! On June 26, 2015, the U.S. Supreme Court struck down all state bans on same-sex marriage, legalized it in all fifty states, and required states to honor out-of-state same-sex marriage licenses in the case Obergefell v. Hodges.

Not so long ago, most LGBTQ+ people believed they would be spending their life isolated and hidden. Marriage and family seemed even more of a dream than surviving their own coming out. These dreams weren’t something any of us could ever hope for, much less consider.

With time came the fight for equality, and the world opened up for the community as a whole. As more and more rainbow families are being created every year, the advent of local Pride events has brought forth the opportunity for Pride to become more to those families.

The chance for LGBTQ+ families and straight families walking side by side in support of equality and love isn’t something to be taken lightly. It is an honor to proudly stand with Pride in the unity of our community and the people in it who make up our rainbow families.

Of course, some people will discourage families from attending Pride out of ignorance or even confusion. For some, Pride might represent a more adult-oriented view of the world and not be appropriate for families in their mind. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Pride is a call for action. A cry out from our community that we stand together and show our support for equality.

Pride itself serves as an excellent opportunity to give your children a cultural experience within their city. The LGBTQ+ community is as varied as the rainbow representation we enjoy. And a rainbow is a beautiful thing for your children to see.

By showing children that Pride is about so much to so many people, they will learn that members of the community for which Pride represents, are as unique and varied as the floats and costumes participants have created.

My sons will be by my side as we enjoy the events and activities during Pride. They will have questions, and I will answer them. They will be better for it. The more I can show my sons the world outside of what they can see and interact with, the more I am indeed preparing them to be the men they will become in the world moving forward.

I feel one of my sacred duties as a mother is to guide and temper my son’s hearts as they mature, and I will always strive to show them love in all its colors.

Perhaps in my heart, I feel my style of parenting is why I was made precisely just the way I am.

I wish much love to the beautiful rainbow families who work hard and manage to pull off this fantastic event for our community. They sacrifice their time with their families and loved ones so we can stand proudly beside our loved ones under the same rainbow of inclusion called Pride.

Further, I encourage our families and supporters to bring your children and show them a glimpse of the world of loving inclusion we have helped to make possible for them.

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