June 2018 astrology highlights and horoscopes

by Joshua Rutledge
Zodiac Columnist

June 13 – New moon in Gemini. Venus enters Leo.

June 18 – Neptune goes retrograde.

June 21 – The Sun enters Cancer, and the Summer Solstice begins.

June 26 – Mars goes retrograde.

June 28 – Full moon in Capricorn.

Happy birthday Gemini and Cancer!

Aries: An energy of coming out, breaking free and completely revolutionizing your world is showing up for you. Trust your instincts to guide you while you undergo this impact which will alter your direction in a big way.

Taurus: New inspirations for creating and receiving wealth, opportunity and security come to you this month. You have the go-ahead to act with diligence and untamed direction. Your willpower can produce miracles especially when connected to Spirit.

Gemini: It is important for you to focus on yourself and your spirituality. Some deeper things are to be discovered about yourself this month. A little detachment will improve your awareness and sensitivity.

Cancer: Have you felt overwhelmed with options or decisions? Sacrifice is being asked of you this month that will lead to some new breakthrough. The energy you have been putting out is echoing back. Pay attention to relational changes.

Leo: You are facing some internal/external frustrations with those you work with. Trust your instinctual and creative ability to solve this. Stand up for yourself and for what you’re worth this month. The prosperity you seek is within you.

Virgo: It is a crucial time for you to look at how your mental and spiritual outlook is affecting your physical world. If you experience financial problems or health issues, look at what you are doing in excess. You may need to remove some responsibilities from your life this month.

Libra: Work less and play more this month. Let yourself be inspired more by fun, dance, music and laughter. A soul contracted relationship is forming. This relationship is coming in to give you energy, heart, inspiration and joy!

Scorpio: Your soul is calling you to pursue some learning or spiritual study. There is a feeling of you relinquishing what you thought you knew to be true. Powerful and intuitive downloads are at your disposal in June.

Sagittarius: Get in touch with your sensitivity. Be careful not to push away the right people in your life. Watch out for sharp tongues. There is a sense of confusion only be resolved with true confidence, grace and clarity.

Capricorn: There is a beautiful sacrifice being asked of you this month to progress and see the joy in your relationship. Let go of your pride and watch relationships blossom. 

Aquarius: A sunny energy is coming in to inspire some internal change within you to help you evolve. You may not want to be still and listen. If you do, you will experience some transformative thinking.

Pisces: You are being encouraged to recalibrate and tame your emotions a bit. Don’t be too hardheaded. There may be some significance in revisiting things about your past or childhood. Some insight into how you further create abundance for the future may lie there.

The Gayly. June 1, 2018. 1:02 p.m. CST.