Looking great on a budget

by Allison Blaylock
Transgender Advice Columnist

Hi Alli,

I'm taking 10,000 mcg of Biotin every day for hair growth. It's bringing in baby fine hair. I also use an OTC hair volume shampoo and conditioner.

Any other suggestions that are not by doctor's order? I'm on a budget, but want my hair to grow.

Thanks - I appreciate your columns so much.

Ariel B. from Kansas (MtF)

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Dear Ariel,

The question regarding hair growth is one that many MtF trans people have questions about. I am not sure what your situation is with hair - meaning I’m not sure if you are suffering from MPB (male pattern baldness) or, as some of us will say, testosterone poisoning.

If you are just seeking to sort of hit the quick growth button and already have a full head of hair then you are doing okay for yourself for the most part.

The average person grows hair at a rate of about 4-6 inches a year. This may not sound like much, but you are talking about something that is growing based on nutrients. The main nutrient in hair is Keratin, which is a protein.

If you are a person who suffers from MPB, what I would suggest is to talk with a doctor about possibly starting on Finasteride (Propecia). When you are talking about your body there are many difficult things to figure out. The body has hormones and other chemical make-up that can change what is going on with the use of these medications and hormones. For many, the introduction of a testosterone blocker, like Finasteride, helps get them on track to start regrowth of hair and allow for the hair to grow in thicker and stronger.

I currently use Biotin and Finasteride along with my other (transitioning) hormones from the doctor. I also use shampoos and conditioners that have tea-tree oils and peppermint in them. These will help stimulate the scalp.

I also will brush my hair with a brush that has the little balls on the tip to help stimulate the scalp. Your hair is all live growing parts and you have to keep it fed with the correct nutrients and keep it stimulated.

Finally, your hair will take time to grow. There is no cure that will automatically make it grow and fill in the areas that have thinned. We have to remember that it took “x” amount of years to thin and go away, so we have to give it that much time if not longer to come back. I am sorry there is no quick answer to this.

I completely understand about being on a budget. It will take time to let this all catch up and be better. Prescriptions can be cheaper if you have insurance as that reduces the cost. Your insurance may pay for the prescription medication or hair restoration programs with your diagnosis.


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