"Love Yourself"

Khari with his daughter who was bullied. Photo courtesy "damnboredtv.com"

By Robin Dorner
Editor in Chief

"In life, don't rely on other people's approval..." - it's easier said than done. 

This week, a 'jewel' was posted on my Facebook page and I wanted to share it with our readers. It's a song about bullying called "Love Yourself" by Khari.

According to damnboredtv.com, a little girl had faced her fair share of bullying and her Dad was naturally not happy about it when he found out. "Yet he came up with a very unique solution. Dad decided to write a hip hop song aimed towards the issue of bullying, but also directed towards his daughters with the goal to let them know how beautiful they are."

damnbored goes on to say, "This guy is talented too! The lyrics are excellent and positive, while his flow is smooth and consistent, making it clear how passionate he is about getting this very important message out there to all boys and girls who have been victims of bullying behavior."

Lyrics include words of wisdom: "I'm beautiful, I'm worthy and those mean words can't hurt me."
Listen to how Khari articulates the words of this beautiful song here: http://damnbored.tv/dad-school-daughter-bullied/


Have a wonderful day - and "Love Yourself!"


The Gayly - 12/27/2015 @ 8:51 CST