Man plagues OKC with flyers warning of 'demons in cloned transexual bodies'

Flyer found in OKC. Photo by Sara Cunningham.

By Jordan Redman
Staff Writer 

Reports of a man driving around Oklahoma City posting hundreds of flyers started rolling in Saturday evening. 

Sara Cunningham, local LGBT+ rights advocate told The Gayly of flyers being posted around the NW 39 to SW 15 area.

The flyers are taped up and in plastic sleeves. A lot care is going into preserving the flyers from the outside elements. 

Vehicle of OKC man responsible for posting hundreds of flyers. Photo by Sara Cunningham.

As explained in his Youtube videos, yahwehrules2, he is a "real human, exposing the demons in cloned transexual bodies."

Residents are encouraged not to engage with the man directly.

Instead, residents are being encouraged to report him if you see him posting the flyers.

The Gayly will update with more information as this story progresses. 

The Oklahoma City Police Department can be reached at (405) 297-1000.

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