May 2018 astrology and horoscopes

by Joshua Rutledge
Zodiac Columnist

May 15th – New moon in Taurus. Uranus moves into Taurus.
May 16th – Mars moves into Aquarius.
May 20th – Sun moves into Gemini.
May 29th – Full moon in Sagittarius.
Happy birthday Taurus and Gemini!!!

Aries: May is asking you to make a new decision or find a new course in your area of work. You may be getting hit with some awe-inspiring ideas. Integrate this newfound inspiration; it will bring joy and success to your life.

Taurus: You are rising like the sun. May is bringing you increase and a wealth of money and support. There’s a feeling of synchronistic and long-term relationships showing up for you. An overall sense of beauty surrounds you. Take advantage of it.

Gemini: There is a stronghold or belief you are moving away from this month. It will be a good time for you to explore and become more aware of your spirituality. Some valuable lessons and habits are cycling around you in May.

Cancer: Stand up for your cause and yourself this month. This display of passion and confidence will open a portal of love, ease and joy. Getting down to the root with your family or partner will give you spiritual peace and knowledge.

Leo: Exciting moves and increase in your work shines. What is truly worth your time and energy will be made known. Trust the light that guides you this month. Take a moment to process and recharge amidst the demands for your time.

Virgo: Have any of you been gathering the facts? Those facts are going to be ready this month. A testimony or story is needing to be shared in May. I feel you will have the right aura to do so. Something about this spells breakthrough.

Libra: Wherever or whomever you’ve been placing your faith in, is being challenged this month. There may be a strong urge to go your way. A new cycle of inner strength is stirring in you. Trust this inner calling.

Scorpio: Some fortunate alliances and contracts are present for you in May. There is some old baggage being released which is magically restoring you. Unexpected occurrences with your relationships may unfold.

Sagittarius: Are you at a fork in the road where you must choose passion or practicality? Choose passion; it excites your heart. Many of you are gearing up for life-changing events. I believe the bold and daring move will serve you best.

Capricorn: Opportunity, opportunity, opportunity! May is your month of beautiful creations. Many of you will find yourself bonding with someone who is complimentary with you. Quite a bit of sensual and passionate energy presents itself.

Aquarius: Others are riding in to meet you. You may feel like everything is coming at you all at once this month. May is giving you the chance to act and move fast. Just be cautious and don’t overextend yourself.

Pisces: It’s okay to move a little slower to be detailed. Don’t get comfortable though. A flow and rush of energy is coming in that will sweep you off your feet. Some new and energizing friendships may develop to. You’re getting a little nudge.

The Gayly. May 1, 2018. 11:43 a.m. CST.