NFL player wears special cleats raising awareness of bullying

Seahawks kicker Blair Walsh’s cleats supporting The Bully Project. Artist: Kate Neckel.

Shoes will be on display at this week’s games to highlight cause important to LGBT+ people.

The NFL’s My Cleats My Clause campaign allows players to wear personalized cleats that promote a cause they are passionate about. 

The anti-bullying message was the only link to LGBT+ issues found in sorting through the hundreds of causes listed by players from each of the 32 teams.

Bullying is a problem for kids, especially those who are LGBT+ or suspected of being such. Being bullied can sometimes lead to those bullied taking their lives.

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The vast majority of causes chosen deal with cancer or other diseases, general support programs for youth or veterans outreach.

Seahawks kicker Blair Walsh’s cleats, by artist Kate Neckel support The Bully Project.

The Bully Project is the social action campaign inspired by the award-winning film BULLY. It sparked a national movement to stop bullying that is transforming kids’ lives and changing a culture of bullying into one of empathy and action.

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