Tattoo contest this weekend in OKC

Tattoo Party Oct 19th & 20th at the Copa

October 19th and the 20th – this weekend - if you've got a really cool tattoo, come and compete in a tattoo contest at the Copa. You must enter on Friday night for your chance at a great prize, but you need to bring all your friends Saturday night – they will be voting!

“Our goal is to create a fun way to talk about HIV/AIDS and “safer sex” in a venue that has a great cross-section of the LGBT community,” said event coordinator, Chuck Longacre. “This ‘condom party’ will raise awareness that new HIV/AIDS infections continue increase here in Oklahoma. The greatest way of preventing HIV/AIDS infection is by using a condom every time for your friend, for your partner, and more importantly, for yourself.”

Tattoo Contestants (male and female) must be ready to share their personal tattoos on Friday evening at the Copa between 10:00pm-11:59pm. Entrants must be willing to have photos taken of their tat’s - anywhere on their body, with the exception of your most private parts, of course.

From the photographs taken Friday night, a panel of peers and tattoo artists will review the entries on Saturday afternoon. Finalists will be chosen and are going to be displayed on Saturday evening from 10:00pm-11:59pm for final judging from the audience! Votes will be tallied at precisely 12:01am; therefore Longacre encourages all guests to vote on time.

This unique party is co-sponsored by the Copa & Red Rock - who will be providing unique condoms both nights...and free (temporary) glow-in-the-dark wrist tattoos. The Copa is located inside the Habana Inn in Oklahoma City at 2220 NW 40th, just a block south of the famous “OKC Strip.”   

“This month, we will be handing out FREE “Tantric Pleasure” ONE-brand condoms,” added Longacre who works with RedRock. “They come with a larger head, which provides for a much more sensitive tip that stimulates both partners at the same time.”

Finalist selected for Saturday night's public voting from 10pm-12 midnight. Winner(s) will be announced at 1:30am on Saturday night(Sunday morning). Again, contest entries on Friday night, from 10pm - 12 midnight, only. Enter the event, or come to vote and see the incredible prizes in store for these lucky winners.

For information, call (405) 425-0473.