Chicago police, FBI to address Gay Pride Parade security

FBI agents look on as the gay pride parade kicks off in West Hollywood, Calif., on Sunday, June 12, 2016. AP Photo by Richard Vogel.

CHICAGO (AP) — Chicago police and the FBI plan to discuss preparations they're making for security for the city's annual Gay Pride Parade.

This year's parade is scheduled for June 26. In past years it has drawn nearly 1 million. The event in Chicago's Boystown neighborhood later this month comes after 49 people were killed during a shooting at a gay nightclub in Florida. Chicago police and emergency officials plan a Thursday afternoon news conference.

Parade coordinator Richard Pfeiffer says organizers will hire dozens more off-duty police officers than they did last year after city officials asked them to beef up security. Richard Pfeiffer says 160 off-duty officers and other security professionals will work the parade. Last year there were 70.

Police say there's been no threat made against the city's gay community.

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