Senator decries UW class essay on gay sexual desires

The Excellence in Teaching by a Lecturer Award being presented to Jason Nolen by Curtiss Engstrom. Twitter Photo.

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — A state senator is taking issue with a UW-Madison instructor's choice to assign his students an essay on gay men's sexual desires.

Sen. Steve Nass, a Whitewater Republican and frequent UW critic, sent a letter to Thursday to UW-Madison Rebecca Blank, UW System President Ray Cross and the regents saying sociology lecturer Jason Nolen assigned the essay to his class this week. Nass called the essay offensive and an outrageous example of what passes for education at UW-Madison.

He challenged the leaders to give him their thoughts on the essay, cautioning them that their responses will play a role in evaluating the system's 2017-2019 budget request.

Sociology Department Chairwoman Pamela Oliver sent Nass a response saying Nolen is a respected instructor.

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