Make your fitness about you

Exercise enthusiast, Chris Robrahn, says even daily exercises in your home can add much to your fitness without expense. Photo provided.

by Christopher B. Robrahn
Fitness Columnist

So many people strive to improve their fitness in January because of the New Year or by adopting New Year’s resolutions. Most are very sincere about wanting to make positive long term changes to their health and wellness.

Who doesn’t want to look awesome and feel good as they go about their daily lives? The real key is, making small changes that jive with your lifestyle; that blend.

Having long term goals is great, but making consistent steps with a strategy can certainly yield long term success.

To start, don’t begin with New Year’s or other holiday. Rather, think about the big picture on what you need or want to achieve long term. Is it practical based on your time and the requirements you need to invest (or want to)?

What path makes the most sense to you? Do you like the idea of exercising in a gym with other people? Would you rather do so at home? Do you need direction and coaching to achieve success? How much time can you afford (or time you would prioritize) for success?

What about money and the investment of those dollars for your fitness success?

The reality is, many people need input from a trainer, fitness coach, registered dietician and their physician before they start an exercise program. If you are interested in making some concrete changes in your lifestyle, you need to consider your needs and a fitness trainer or coach may be helpful.

There may be others that want to make more subtle changes, something as simple as going for a mile walk each day. Even with simple changes, you need to make it a priority and follow through.

Exercise needn’t be expensive or painful. What is an essential is the determination to follow through and integrate it into your day. It becomes a part of your lifestyle. The point is, like everything, we all value different approaches. Fitness and exercise is very unique to all of us. Understanding what works for you will mean the difference between success and frustration.

Even daily bodyweight exercises in your home (meaning things like push-ups, sit ups, stretches and even cardio) can add much to your fitness without expense. It all comes down to you. How important is a daily fitness investment to your health and lifestyle?

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