Wichita's "A Sweet Affair" turns 25

Dr. Donna Sweet with friends and a batch of her famous cookies! Photo by Dave Quick.

by Dave Quick
Special to The Gayly

Dr. Donna Sweet from the University of Kansas School of Medicine in Wichita was caring for a heavy patient load of people dying of HIV/AIDS twenty-five years ago. She said it was terribly frustrating and extremely expensive work. 

For many years, Sweet has flown regularly to far Western Kansas to care for patients who were otherwise stranded without help. She has also made many trips to Russia, Mexico and other areas to help with AIDS education.  

Twenty-five years ago, to help with costs and to salute the amazing community of dedicated helpers and volunteers who were helping with the effort, she held the first A Sweet Affair at her beautiful home in Northeast Wichita. Over the years the event has been a joyful salute to those who helped Wichita and Kansas through many dark hours and who continue to help with the effort today.  

September 2019 brought the twenty-fifth anniversary of A Sweet Affair. We celebrate the progress that has been made over the years in treating and preventing HIV/AIDS. 

Once again, fun food was supplied by Popeye's, and dozens of donors gave a wide variety of unique items to auction for the cause. As in years before, proceeds will be dedicated to the Sweet Emergency Fund and the Ryan White HIV/AIDS program.  

Never has a person with AIDS has ever been turned away by Dr. Sweet or the University of Kansas School of Medicine in Wichita, regardless of their financial situation. That fact was truly something to celebrate as the big anniversary number twenty-five turned A Sweet Affair beautifully heartfelt red. 

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