November 2018 astrology highlights and horoscopes

by Joshua Rutledge
Zodiac Columnist

Nov. 6 – Uranus moves in to Aries.

Nov. 7 – New moon in Scorpio.

Nov. 8 – Jupiter moves in to Sagittarius.

Nov. 16 – Venus moves direct. Mercury goes retrograde.

Nov. 22 – Sun moves in to Sagittarius.

Nov. 23 – Full moon in Libra.

Happy birthday Scorpio and Sagittarius.

Aries: You do not have to push for solutions in November. Be confident in what you have and are accomplishing. The rewards will come when you relax. Take more time to be reflective, especially with money matters. Where you find sanctity is where the answers are.

Taurus: The desire to be alone and find your own inner peace may feel prevalent. This time in solitude will prove rejuvenating. Downloads of information can come in regard to new starts or a trip to a new place. All will be healed from any poor decision made in the past.

Gemini: It’s time to mend some old wounds that have lingered from your early years. There is a connection coming in to give you some emotional support and advice. Pay attention to the spiritual signs you get around the new and full moons.

Cancer: Whatever fear or nightmare lingering over you is being conquered this month. The solution is to raise your spirits by going out and having fun. Engage with life and some of your pleasures. You’ll find your confidence peak. Romance opens up.

Leo: There is a calling to lighten your load. You may find yourself extra busy. Take a moment to quiet your mind, and you’ll find a work/life balance. Find an even rhythm for yourself. It is not your responsibility to take on everyone else’s burden. Let them lift their own burden.

Virgo: Critique with grace Virgo. You are being empowered through your communication skills. Communicate from the heart, and others will respond well. It is okay to set some firm boundaries this month. A new health and beauty regimen look beneficial.

Libra: Look at what it is about your career and earning that does and does not make you happy. Your feelings on the matter will guide you to a solution. You may feel yourself challenged by a teacher or boss. There is something promising about this situation. Be present.

Scorpio: The answer may not seem concrete. You may experience a slight delay. Trust in a divine plan. If you’re offered one path, consider it, don’t resist it so much. Your resources and money matters will see a turnaround once careful evaluation is done.

Sagittarius: You may start off the month feeling like a lone wolf, but this time will help you understand more of the value which you have to offer. Blessings and extra money are showing up. Be yourself and the rest will follow. You’ll feel noble pride and be honored for that pride.

Capricorn: Surrender to the change, or to the blessings of the relationship. You are being encouraged to let go of the backstabbing pain. The time is now. Someone is helping you through this process. Trust them. You can be free. A new door opens for you.

Aquarius: You are ascending this month. Be bold and daring with the moves you make. Let your personality and skills shine and speak for themselves. When you do the self-work and embrace yourself, victory will be yours. Your sights are set on the prize.

Pisces: That first light is breaking through. You’ll be able to walk away from the people and situations which do not serve you well this month. Happiness returns when you leave that emotional journey behind. Exciting opportunities will present themselves.

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