October 2018 astrology highlights and horoscopes

by Joshua Rutledge
Zodiac Columnist

October 5 – Venus moves retrograde

October 8 – New moon in Libra

October 23 – Sun moves into Scorpio

October 24 – Full moon in Taurus

Happy birthday Libra and Scorpio!

Aries: Follow your bliss this month. Whatever relationship is bringing you joy and pleasure, savor its delights. It is a great time for you to grow your intimate circle. You may benefit from some energetic work or seeing an energetic healer. Take leaps in your relationships in October.

Taurus: Look deeper, Taurus. There is more treasure that lies beneath the surface. Feel into your emotions and muscle memory this month. An inner part of you needs added healing. Once this is achieved you will feel much more vibrant; you’ll uncover something special.

Gemini: Many of you are on quite the relationship ride this month. Get out and enjoy meeting people. An adventure with a close friend or partner looks to serve you well. Let your mind be stimulated. The road ahead asks you to keep a sharp mind and a generous heart.

Cancer: Tread thoughtfully especially when it comes to matters of the home this month. Do not force any opportunities or experiences. Allow them to present themselves in good time. There is something you already have which needs to be admired and validated. Plan ahead.

Leo: Your independence is radiating. Financial achievement continues to manifest in your presence. Enjoy the delights your work has produced already. Venturing out of your natural habitat will be beneficial this month. The sky is the limit. Keep your sights high.

Virgo: The potential to make several foreign connections is strong. You are being guided to expand your reach this month. You are attracting new followers in your purpose. Travel plans look affirmative. Solid and exciting decisions are being made. Recognition is yours.

Libra: The scales are tipping in your favor this month, but first you are being asked to rest. If you hit an impasse with any major decision, reflect and redirect your energy. Collect yourself in your season. A lover or charmer is making their way to you. Hear them out.

Scorpio: A sacrifice is being asked of you. To feel more balanced, you are being encouraged to give up something or a habit which no longer serves you. Your powers of reflection are stunning this month. Once you make this rational change, blessings pour in. Expect a colorful epiphany.

Sagittarius: At times this month, it may feel as if the odds are against you. Be bold. Hold firm and true to your purpose or goal. Your focus is being challenged. The universe is saying to hold the course. Keep an emotionally sound mind. Do not give up.

Capricorn: Many of you may feel like you’re filling some new shoes. Your strength peaks. Through the powers of persistence and alchemy, you’re creating what you want in October. Those wishes are yours for the taking with this energy. The stars are guiding you. Be proactive.

Aquarius: If you’ve been contemplating a getaway, make it happen. A trip to a faraway place looks rejuvenating. Ask for what you wish and see it as a reality. Your plans will move ahead if you are staying in integrity. Let your higher mind direct your path.

Pisces: Some of you may feel confused and bound going into the month. Self-inflicted fantasies have a hold on your consciousness. Reclaim your clarity of mind. You can forge through. Decide to be strong, and you will be. Leave that experience in the past where it belongs.

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